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Tarot Guidance 5/26/16

Posted on May 26, 2016 at 6:45 PM

Tarot Guidance



Today's Tarot talks of many changes coming in your life, with both work, home, and love! most of these changes will be positive, but with the sweet always comes with sours, some of these changes will be bittersweet as they will force you to change your mind-frame, lifestyle, and love! The Tarot talks of bringing more balance into your daily life, you can achieve this by balancing work life and leisure, sometime we get so caught up in the mangled mess of work that we forget to make time for our loved one and ourselves, try and find more balance between the two and maybe treat yourself to a movie or weekend getaway!!

The Tarot talks of travel with financial reward for the signs of Taurus, Aquarius & Scorpio, this could mean a quick road trip that could bring more financial blessings and could end in a much more rewarding trip than expected.

The Tarot talks about leaving the old and unwanted behind and starting fresh! leave the old and unwanted energy and negative people behind so you can move forward on a new and positive note! Sometimes we never know how much a negative situation or environment is dragging us down until we disconnect from it! its time for YOU, some people see that as being selfish but you need to see it as survival! Changes in luck will be high! By the end of May and up until middle of June, you will notice your finances balancing back out and work & business increasing slowly but steadily,

In regards to love the Tarot advises better communication and understanding one another, Especially in signs of Sagittarius & Leo where your energy and passions might be flowing higher than normal. when in doubt, stay quiet and composed until the right words come to your mind. miscommunication is very likely over the course of the next two weeks. For all other signs, love looks good with more positive changes coming even sooner than expected!

Over all, the Tarot reminds us that even when we feel depleted, and tired, there is always blessings around the corner and change that can propel us forward



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