Yerberia Obatala
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About Me: 

Joey Delagarza is a south Texas native who has been using his God-given abilities to help people for over 16 years. Since his early years in life he always knew he would be different since he always heard whispers, saw spirits, and just knew what was going to happen in the near future. He first starting consulting in the early high school years and had his first shop in Kingsville during his senior year of high school. As his career and clientele grew he opened his new Botanica named after his patron Saint Obatala  in Corpus Christi where he has been for past 4 years. Joey is also a Santero which is a priest of the Afro-Cuban Santeria religion  which has taught him to incorporate many ways of helping his clients. He is a psychic medium which means he is able to see, hear, feel, and sense both energy and spirits which is how he relays his messages to clients. His spirit guides also referred to as "Muertos" or "Spirit Guides"  have been guiding him since he was born and they speak to him throughout the reading offering advice, remedies, and messages from the spirit realm. Being a medium he is also able to connect to your deceased loves ones and pass thru the messages to bring you closure, support, and love. Joey's mother and sister both carry the gift as it is hereditary in his family being passed down from his Mothers side of the family. Joey is the only member in his family that currently professionally practices his faith and religion. Joey is also certified and trained in Reiki and Energy Work, he offers Reiki Energy sessions in-person at his shop.  If you are interested in any of my distance service, please click on the Schedule tab and you can schedule the service of your choice!